Dec 29, 2009

The end of the year

I know, I haven't put much work in to this blog this year, but in the next year I will be relaunching.I be writing more posts and including video. Until next year,Cya.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Sep 17, 2009

The traditions of high school/

So when I hopped out of the car on Thursday morning, I quickly felt the cold wind wrap around my tights-less legs. I was like AHH Fall when did you get here? I am so ready to break out my small assortment of tights. Ahh school has been so fun. This week was spirit week!!!. Homecoming was on Saturday. I had a lot of fun. There Were some awkward moments, But I enjoyed myself. My dress I ordered it from nordstroms a week ago. Its from a brand called JS Boutique. I lovee it !! They played songs like Your a Jerk, Poker Face etc. My friends were there and it was fun seeing the teachers NOT enforcing the no grinding rule.I am also looking forward to Halloween. I plan on going to see my schools production of Sweeney Todd. Perfectly creepy and dark for Halloween.Oh, I also got new glasses. I love them , there alot bigger then my old ones and I was kinda uncomfortable at first, but I got over it. Fashion week was very exciting, no? I will post my favorite looks soon.

Sep 5, 2009

Back to Life ,back to reailty

Wow not posted in awhile. I pretty much fail at life. Well, I have been back to school for two weeks. I had been home schooled from 5th-8th grade, so going back to school in 9th grade was interesting to say the least.(said as I look at my not finished English paper). I will be blogging about my experience along with my outfits. They have been pretty minimalistic, with cross country practice 6 days a week. But an outfit post should happen by Tuesday. Fashion week starts in a couple days, I can't wait to watch see the S/S 10 shows, even though its will only be on am pretty much having fun in school, people are interesting, and having a social life again is awesome. But people can be so awkward. Some of the conversations range from whether Dora the Explorer or Diego is better to whether my health teacher more stupid them most. ( He is). I look forward to blogging about it. Enjoy photos of Alexa chung.

photos from

May 23, 2009

Summer, is here ?


This a variation of what i have been wearing over the last couple of days. AS for the crappy photos my camera uploads have been pretty problematic.I think I will fix it by thursday though. The shirt is old navy. The skirt was a dress but i folded down the top. I think it was from nordstrom 2 years ago. its funny that my style has changed so much.I am done with school and dance.(YAY!) But i have been waiting at the mail for my hopeful high school acception letters. I will be posting regularly soon.

Mar 17, 2009

Spring break time

I am on spring break!!!! Yeah, I am so excited to lazy out.
I decided to put together my spring wish list

1. White Blazer Gap 2009

I have seen this blazer several times in magazines. I think it retails for 78 I am gonna skip over to my local gap and see if its there. But it has not popped up on the website.

2.Black Cropped Blazer.

MQ mcqueen for Target, I liked the denim jacket but it was completely sold out.

3.Cream Dress

Dresses from Delia's and Quail. I love the idea of dressing only in light colors for the spring. I will most likely get the Delia's dress but the quail dress would be nice.

4.Full skirts
I love high waisted skirts. Tucking t shirts, into this skirt will look perfect.

Skirt from

5 . Button down shirts
I have been trying to experiment with different shirts and a button down, would be a good investment. shirt from liz clairborne

Its likely that list will transcend to my birthday list coming up in April. YAY!!! I am so looking forward to more warm weather.If my allergies don't take over my brain.Well I'm off to enjoy my cereal dinner. Excpet more postage during this week.

Feb 14, 2009

Fall 09

I haven't posted in 3 weeks., Things have gotten crazy. Last time I checked bloglovin I had 100 posts. I hadn't realized fashion week was this close. It started on Friday, and shows have already hit


Even though, I like Fall, I am more excited for spring. Happy Valentines day to all.

Bcbg Max Azria
Fall 09

photo credit style .com

Jan 27, 2009


Sorry about my little absence, things with computer went wrong and I have been doing schoolwork, catching up on reading and things like that.Today I planned going to the fabric store but that didn't happen.I have been feeling kind of uninspired so, I have been scanning the Internet for photos. I have been reading a Dorothy Dandrige biography. She was the black Marliyn Monroe,of the time, in fact the were friends. She was an amazing woman

OH and I promise to put more effort into this blog, I have been practicing my photography. I am excited for spring will post more often.

photo credit:Flickr and google image search

Jan 10, 2009

We started nothing

I am really sorry for not posting. Life has been really busy. I have been doing alot of schooling. I also have to tutors for the upcoming get into high school test. So studying and preparing to go back to dance has taken up my time. But my grandmother is visting and she gave my this.....

Excuse the weird hand.I love this hat, its very silly but fantastic as well. I am not sure what to wear it with though. It actually belonged to my great grandmother,but I am sure exactly how old it is or where it was purchased. My grandmother has quite a hat collection. If any more are discovered,I might sell them on esty, because I cant keep to many other items. A real outfit post will be coming soon, I promise.

Jan 3, 2009


I am sorry for the no post since lats year. I am going to be doing a photoshoot.
I have just been taking shots, and playing around with my new sewing machine.Photo diary time.

sweater-bannana republic -shirt-random-jeans-target.