Dec 27, 2008

Meet my baby....

A fruitul holiday it was.But, I always name my items.

Meet Henry Lenitus, my S1000.

I had a great time. I am still at my grandmothers, but we will be back later tonight. I also got a sewing machine. So when I get back, I will open more presents and post more outifts. I am SO freaking excited.Until then I will experimenting with shots and lighting in photos.

Dec 23, 2008

The countdown begins.............

Hey guys, alot has happened in the last week. I fractured my toe,but it should be better in a month or so.

So this weird shoe they gave me is a bit of an eye sore to my outfits. When I get my camera , I will start posting regular outfit posts. Until then, I will be taking a small break, to spend time with my family. I hope everyone is able to spend time with their families as well. Happy holidays!

Dec 18, 2008

I said follow, not stalk

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AS for posting, We will return to scheduled programming soon.

Dec 12, 2008

Dreams of Pink

Maybe I am resorting to my 5 year old girl ways. I don't have much pink in my current wardrobe. But the girls in these photos use it in a very chic way. I love the look of cuffed pants in brights colors.

Photos from garancedore,kingdom of style

Dec 10, 2008

As Christmas and New Years near closer, I am getting more and more excited. I did ask my my parents mostly for clothes but, one item soars above the rest.

Its the Fujifilm Finepix S1000 Digital Camera !Small picture, but It is a great camera. But it is among other things.....

When visiting my cousins during the break, I plan to have a photo shoot. My cousin, has some great pieces in her closet.But mostly I plan on eating tons of holiday sweets. My inspiration folder is filled to the brim , a post on that is coming soon.

Dec 1, 2008

Donyale Luna

These are beautiful shots, yet sad. Donyale Luna died quite young.But she did have a fantastic career.Enjoy these shots.
I had a great Turkey Day, and I am excited for Chirstmas.

Oct 30, 2008

Lone Cowboys Skipping Town

So, yesterday I arrived in my new home! One regular flight and a connection, I’m finally here. We slept on the floor last night and the movers should be here in a few minutes. The house is really nice, and I am extremely excited once everything is settled, I will start making post about fashion again. Terribly enough there is no Internet, so I am writing this on word and will be posting at a coffee shop. Oh I did read the new Elle on the plane, it was ok… But I WILL be watching Stylista . Kate Lanphear is a judge, so basically that’s one of the main reasons I watch. The season premiere was fine, nothing magical though. Isabel’s post on a studded shirt on Ugly betty (there will a post on BETTY STYLE POST VERY SOON), I found a cool shirt for those looking for that look. People were saying it looked like Givenchy, meaning it’s probably not very cheap, but this studded shirt and dress are. Ok I’m off to see the wizard…(0f movers that is)
EDIT: This is now our third night sorry didnt get to the place soon enough!!


Oct 25, 2008

Control is for losing

Well since I started this blog I must come off mysterious and weird. Since basically there is 0 info about me.
So , things that you should probably know.

--I am 13
-- I'm in the 8th grade
-- I'm home schooled
-- I have four other brothers no sisters(2brothers still live with, the others have places of their own)
-- I am currently in the process of moving, from the East Coast to the Midwest

OK enough of the list, but that's pretty much it.My clothes are limited because of the packing situation , but I'll try to get a couple of outfit post soon.But alas, I will have to use my web cam because, my lumix camera has been freaking out.
Now to make this post a little less boring, here is my favorite song of the moment.

Oct 19, 2008

Luella, ella, ella, AA

So I fell in love with this collection.Who didn't ? If you didnt I will personally behead you. In two words the collection was GRANNY CHIC.

This dress is is floral, so I just automatically love it. I love how in looks like the dress fell down a bit, and the crazy ruffles

I love the cropped jacket, and the detail on the shoulders, and the collar on the dress is the fudge in my poptart.

Luella brings another fantastic pair of glasses into the mix. The shape of skirt and orange sweater are too sweet.

One of the lone gray pieces in the collection I love the netting and the bright lips.

The gloves, hats, shoes,and purses really set the collection off. And I loved that it was out side.Luella never ceases to amazes me.


Oct 18, 2008

This my name

I am slightly obsessed with fashion (though I have learned I am not alone), I wanted to to start a blog about my ideas about style and clothes. I will post outfit photos, collections, or any other nessacarys readings. This blog will not be held back , so yes there will insane rants and photos of outfits that are slightly off the wall. (My garsh I sound like my grandmother). So I if you are the type of person who stays on the computer and stalks, wardrobe remix, and online stores, your at the right place.