Jan 24, 2010


This weekend was filled with:

Nail Painting! I have been reading a lot of nail blogs and was inspired to purchase some polishes. I had a number of them last month, but I seemed to have lost them all. I have taken a great deal of the from my mother who has nail polishes from the year I was born. She doesn't use them much. I tried to get a photo of my nails but it didn't really work.... The polishes are Pure Ice:Mint Dream, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear:Rockstar pink, and Sally Hansen Xtreme wear: Marine Scene. I purchased these at...walmart. People have a lot of opinions about the place, But the polishes are cheap.

Baking! I love to bake things. It's a very obsessive hobby. Today I made blondies, with white and milk chocolate chips. To me they kinda taste like cookie bars, but intend to play with the recipe a bit. They turned out pretty well. I will post the recipe, if anyone wants it!

There was going to be a third one talking about my adventures,doing an iron on t-shirt but I didn't get to that. I have the beginnings of the process but, I have to work on my design... Until next time!

Jan 6, 2010

After Christmas, I feel that snow is pretty much useless. The weather has only been below freezing which is pretty vexing.Also a huge snow snowstorms are coming our way. This year I made some new resolutions:

. Be more nice.
This is kind of weird ,but I want to be more nice to people I don't know that well. But putting it here makes me sound like I committed a murder last year.(I didn't)

This might be a touch obvious.

. Take more PHOTOS
I love my camera,But I don't use it outside of the house much so hopefully I can do it more often now.

Those are all of my resolution for now. I think I can keep them.


The view from my kitchen this morning.

Jan 5, 2010


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Today was my first day back. Since I changed 2 classes and everything is out of order. I was very upset when I got to school. So of course all my friends are like "None of my classes changed, I'm' with the same people." While I was so heartbroken to my lack of friends in my classes. But I think I am going to change my schedule so I think I can calm down.

This is one of my most recent purchase's from the gap look for it an a outfit post soon.