Sep 17, 2009

The traditions of high school/

So when I hopped out of the car on Thursday morning, I quickly felt the cold wind wrap around my tights-less legs. I was like AHH Fall when did you get here? I am so ready to break out my small assortment of tights. Ahh school has been so fun. This week was spirit week!!!. Homecoming was on Saturday. I had a lot of fun. There Were some awkward moments, But I enjoyed myself. My dress I ordered it from nordstroms a week ago. Its from a brand called JS Boutique. I lovee it !! They played songs like Your a Jerk, Poker Face etc. My friends were there and it was fun seeing the teachers NOT enforcing the no grinding rule.I am also looking forward to Halloween. I plan on going to see my schools production of Sweeney Todd. Perfectly creepy and dark for Halloween.Oh, I also got new glasses. I love them , there alot bigger then my old ones and I was kinda uncomfortable at first, but I got over it. Fashion week was very exciting, no? I will post my favorite looks soon.

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Brad Paige said...

I like this look! and your blog is very nice so far i love it! i think that silver clutch is classic and chic cant wait for your next post.

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