Mar 17, 2009

Spring break time

I am on spring break!!!! Yeah, I am so excited to lazy out.
I decided to put together my spring wish list

1. White Blazer Gap 2009

I have seen this blazer several times in magazines. I think it retails for 78 I am gonna skip over to my local gap and see if its there. But it has not popped up on the website.

2.Black Cropped Blazer.

MQ mcqueen for Target, I liked the denim jacket but it was completely sold out.

3.Cream Dress

Dresses from Delia's and Quail. I love the idea of dressing only in light colors for the spring. I will most likely get the Delia's dress but the quail dress would be nice.

4.Full skirts
I love high waisted skirts. Tucking t shirts, into this skirt will look perfect.

Skirt from

5 . Button down shirts
I have been trying to experiment with different shirts and a button down, would be a good investment. shirt from liz clairborne

Its likely that list will transcend to my birthday list coming up in April. YAY!!! I am so looking forward to more warm weather.If my allergies don't take over my brain.Well I'm off to enjoy my cereal dinner. Excpet more postage during this week.

1 comment:

Jenny H. said...

i have been living in the white blazer i just bought.
it is definitely a summer essential.