Jan 27, 2009


Sorry about my little absence, things with computer went wrong and I have been doing schoolwork, catching up on reading and things like that.Today I planned going to the fabric store but that didn't happen.I have been feeling kind of uninspired so, I have been scanning the Internet for photos. I have been reading a Dorothy Dandrige biography. She was the black Marliyn Monroe,of the time, in fact the were friends. She was an amazing woman

OH and I promise to put more effort into this blog, I have been practicing my photography. I am excited for spring will post more often.

photo credit:Flickr and google image search

Jan 10, 2009

We started nothing

I am really sorry for not posting. Life has been really busy. I have been doing alot of schooling. I also have to tutors for the upcoming get into high school test. So studying and preparing to go back to dance has taken up my time. But my grandmother is visting and she gave my this.....

Excuse the weird hand.I love this hat, its very silly but fantastic as well. I am not sure what to wear it with though. It actually belonged to my great grandmother,but I am sure exactly how old it is or where it was purchased. My grandmother has quite a hat collection. If any more are discovered,I might sell them on esty, because I cant keep to many other items. A real outfit post will be coming soon, I promise.

Jan 3, 2009


I am sorry for the no post since lats year. I am going to be doing a photoshoot.
I have just been taking shots, and playing around with my new sewing machine.Photo diary time.

sweater-bannana republic -shirt-random-jeans-target.