Oct 19, 2008

Luella, ella, ella, AA

So I fell in love with this collection.Who didn't ? If you didnt I will personally behead you. In two words the collection was GRANNY CHIC.

This dress is is floral, so I just automatically love it. I love how in looks like the dress fell down a bit, and the crazy ruffles

I love the cropped jacket, and the detail on the shoulders, and the collar on the dress is the fudge in my poptart.

Luella brings another fantastic pair of glasses into the mix. The shape of skirt and orange sweater are too sweet.

One of the lone gray pieces in the collection I love the netting and the bright lips.

The gloves, hats, shoes,and purses really set the collection off. And I loved that it was out side.Luella never ceases to amazes me.

photo credit:style.com


Amelia said...

lol. Nice title. I loved the Luella collection. I lvoe your header, too.

Mari, Hollywood Reporter said...

I loveddd the collection! Seriously! The accesories were adorabubble, and they complimented the collection so well! :D

I'll be looking forward to reading :D

love you!

Nay'Chelle said...

Haha, nice title. #1 and 3 are really nice.