Oct 30, 2008

Lone Cowboys Skipping Town

So, yesterday I arrived in my new home! One regular flight and a connection, I’m finally here. We slept on the floor last night and the movers should be here in a few minutes. The house is really nice, and I am extremely excited once everything is settled, I will start making post about fashion again. Terribly enough there is no Internet, so I am writing this on word and will be posting at a coffee shop. Oh I did read the new Elle on the plane, it was ok… But I WILL be watching Stylista . Kate Lanphear is a judge, so basically that’s one of the main reasons I watch. The season premiere was fine, nothing magical though. Isabel’s post on a studded shirt on Ugly betty (there will a post on BETTY STYLE POST VERY SOON), I found a cool shirt for those looking for that look. People were saying it looked like Givenchy, meaning it’s probably not very cheap, but this studded shirt and dress are. Ok I’m off to see the wizard…(0f movers that is)
EDIT: This is now our third night sorry didnt get to the place soon enough!!